Gold Label Ecuador Cacao Jar Chocolate

Gold Label Ecuador Cacao Jar Chocolate

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Bright and Floral Ganache

Cacao Nacional

  • Major Flavor Profile: Fruits and Flowers.
  • One Word Description: Romance
  • Two Word Description: Bright and Floral

We are proud of this first-class chocolate. The only caveat: it happens so fast that it leaves T-buds (for Taste) lusting & drooling in its wake." The shorter fermentation needed for this variety, and careful attention to custom roasting bring out a flavor profile that is second to none.

Gregory Landua, our wandering Cacao Nacional:

This chocolate begins with all the riotous color of a flock of macaws feeding in the amazonian rain forest, then transitions to a subtle middle of red wine and raspberry cream sauce eaten off the voluptuous lips of a lover, finishing off with the sharp breath of the Andes mountains. 

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