Chocolate Sample Pack

Chocolate Sample Pack

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Price: $19.99

Perfect for ANY Chocolate Lover


  • 1 Gold Label (80%) Chocolate Bar
  • 1 Green Label (75%) Chocolate Bar
  • 1 Purple Label (70%) Chocolate Bar
  • 1 Gold Label Pocket Chocolate
  • 1 Purple Label Pocket Chocolate
  • Box of 2 mixed variety, hand-dipped, enrobed Truffles
  • $22.97 value

Our exceptionally pure and delectable chocolate bars are back, and they’ve brought friends in our all-new Chocolate Sample Pack.


When we set out to create the world’s best chocolate bars that have become the norm are lacking in integrity, flavor, and style.


  • Beyond Fair Trade
  • Involvement in Communities
  • Free of GMO’s and Chemicals


  • Dark
  • Rich
  • Smooth

Styles of Enjoyment in This Chocolate Sample Pack

  • Chocolate Bar
  • Pocket Chocolate
  • Truffles 

If you watch a dancer from different angles you will see something new each time.  With this Chocolate Sample Pack, you can examine every angle of this renowned chocolate today.